Joe and I are very pleased with the work Carlow & Zepka did for us this past summer. Our plants and planting beds look wonderful, the driveway is outstanding, the walkways are great, and we are most impressed with the manner in which the job was done. Carlow & Zepka left our premises neat as a pin at the end of each and every workday and the owners and crew of Carlow & Zepka have a superior work-ethic, which many of their contemporaries do not possess! Many many thanks for a job truly well done!


Many thanks to Carlow & Zepka! They and their crew did a great job at our home. Carlow & Zepka reconstructed our driveway and undertook extensive concrete restoration of our stairs and foundation walls. They also installed a blue stone walkway and stairs that lead to a back entrance and our backyard looks great with this addition! We offer our highest recommendation to Carlow & Zepka. Do not hesitate to call them for any project!


Comission of Public Services & Utilities

Carlow & Zepka Construction Inc. has provided a variety of construction services to the services have included site work at the City of Pittsfield's Waste Water Treatment Plan, the installation of utilities such as the running of fiber optic conduits from City Hall to the ...
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It is with great pleasure and high regard I write to recommend Carlow & Zepka Construction. They have worked for my husband and I on various projects and we have always been satisfied with their work ethic, professionalism, dependability, and the final outcome. One project in particular that stands out is when they designed and implemented a unique landscaping plan for our home. Their design was beautiful and the work was done on schedule, on budget, and without compromise. We have received many compliments on the two rock walls, fireplace, and the grounds. They did amazing work with a lot of insight into that project. It is nice to be able to trust a company like Carlow & Zepka to get the job done the way it should be, without hassles. They have always performed with the highest of standards and work extremely hard.


This testimonial regards a construction job performed by Carlow & Zepka at my home in Cheshire, MA. Our house was in need of a new roof and after receiving multiple estimates from different contractors, we decided to call upon Carlow & Zepka Construction. They did not have a sales pitch. In fact, they were honest and upfront about all aspects of the project, including pricing, scheduling of the job, materials used, and the quality we could expect to be delivered. To put it mildly, we were not disappointed.

The Carlow & Zepka team showed up on schedule and worked tirelessly to complete the roofing job in a timely manner. All members of the team were personable and could explain each process point at different stages throughout the project to the most thorough extent. After the job was complete, the grounds and site appeared as if a roofing project had never taken place; cleaned and manicured. Furthermore, visiting relatives who also work in the construction industry were more than impressed with the quality of product and work, as well as many neighbors who have stopped along the way in admiration. To sum up the entire experience, we were beyond pleased and would not trust another company to handle our carpentry/construction needs in the future. Carlow & Zepka provided great service using high quality products and at a fair price!


Carlow & Zepka is a truly professional group.  We call on them for new work and maintenance, knowing that all work will be high quality and timely.


Carlow & Zepka did a great job. They were very patient in listening to our feedback and concerns. The service was excellent and we would definitely recommend them.


I recently had my masonry stairs rebuilt and undertook extensive concrete restoration work at my home. Carlow & Zepka acted in the most professional manner throughout the entire project, making the construction process flow seamlessly from design through construction. Carlow & Zepka exceeded all of my expectations, especially in terms of quality and overall aesthetics of the project. I can surely say that Carlow & Zepka are true professionals as well as artists at what they do.


Seth and Don worked on a stone pathway and retaining wall at the entrance to my home in Cheshire.  Although it had been installed only a couple of years previously by a different contractor, it was deteriorating, and Seth and Don were able to determine some underlying structural problems that had to be addressed.

They did the hard work to remove stone, install underlayment, and restore the path and wall to perfect condition, solving my problem and relieving my fear that it would become a bigger problem over time.  Seth and Don went over and above to explain the issues to me, spending extra time to tidy up and put finishing touches that left me with a beautiful new entryway.

They are incredibly pleasant, responsible, and knowledgeable young men. Should the opportunity present itself, I look forward to working with them again in the future.

The attention to detail these guys have is amazing! For our first project we hired them to rebuild our front steps that were very old brick and at the end it looked just like the rest of the house. They have also helped us with pipe insulation, asbestos removal and painting. All these projects have been accomplished in very reasonable time frame, at very affordable price and at very high quality. We highly recommend them to everyone!!


Cheryl and I were very pleased with the work you did for us last summer. We received prompt, professional workmanship at a fair and reasonable price on a project that far exceeded my DIY capabilities! Thanks again.

Mike & Cheryl